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Who We Are

Daman Investments is a leading regional investment company that provides a broad range of non-banking financial services to institutional clients, corporates, SMEs and high-net-worth individuals.

Redefining Financial Services for
Over 20 Years

Asset Management

Asset Management

For over 20 years our MENA market expertise has delivered consistent risk-adjusted returns.

Securities Brokerage

Securities Brokerage

Providing our clients with MENA market insight, efficient execution and our online trading platform.

Investments & Advisory

Investments & Advisory

Providing strategic advice and execution skillset to meet our clients’ financial goals

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Helping our clients create and deliver a wealth plan for family, legacy and the future.


Featured Funds

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Share Class P
(Well Informed Individual Investor)
DAMMENA LX EQUITYLU2010457039361.130.27%44.45%

Share Class I Fact Sheet
Share Class I
DAMENAI LX EQUITYLU2010457112376.660.37%50.66%

Why Daman Investments

We are committed to delivering long-term value for our clients.

High Standards

Innovative investment solutions of the highest international standards to achieve growth for our clients.


Proactive and vigilant eye on the region’s financial markets to identify pre-eminent opportunities.

Above and Beyond

Specialist financial services specific to the region that exceed investor expectations.

Delivering Results

Delivering strong investment returns through expertly applied, in-depth industry knowledge.