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Who is an Individual Professional Investor

A ‘Professional Investor’ is defined by the UAE Securities & Commodities Authority, as either :

(i) a natural person who owns net assets – excluding the value of his main residence – of not less than AED (4) million; or

(ii) a natural person approved by the Authority or a similar supervisory authority, an employee at the Company, a regulated financial institution, or whoever has been employed by either of them during the past two years or has sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of investment and its risks in accordance with the suitability standards, or represented by a body licensed by the Authority in a manner that does not conflict with the terms of its license.

You can find more information on the definition of a Professional Investor on SCA website.

Professional Investors can access a broader spectrum of investment products from various foreign jurisdictions, including those categorized as sophisticated or complex. This extended range of options allows professional investors to explore investment opportunities with higher potential returns.

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Daman Investment operates under the regulatory oversight of the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority. This assurance ensures that you can place trust in our commitment to delivering services of the utmost quality. Rest assured that our governance and procedures adhere to the highest standards, consistently safeguarding your best interests.

Daman Investment is regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).